Rich Communication Services SDK
Provide Converged Communication Native Solution, RCS SDK and RCS APP
RCS (Rich Communication Services), launched by GSMA, is aimed to help operators enrich current customer experience of telephone/message, and gain a sustainable competitive edge in the mobile app market. China Mobile followed up the commercialization process of GSMA RCS, and released Next Generation Converged Communication, NGCC, which upgraded traditional communication service (regular call, short message, multimedia message) in a native way. Based on GSMA RCS standards, China Mobile Converged Communication added some distinctive services like public account, improved screen display, etc.
Milestones of RCS Converged Communication development
RCS 1.0
China Mobile Converged Communication
Based on RCS 5.1 standard, distinctive services were added like public account, improved screen display strengthen,etc;
Samsung, SONY, HTC,Coolpad, and Huawei became flagship cell phone suppliers of Converged Communication;
Converged Communication will be commercialized in July, 2015.
RCS 2.0
RCS 3.0
RCS 4.0
RCS 5.0
RCS 5.1
Focus on providing RCS Converged Communication Client Solution for operators, device manufactures and industry users
Juphoon RCS Converged Communication Client Solution conforms to: GSMA RCS5.1 standard specifications, latest China Mobile Next Generation Converged Communication NGCC standards, and joyn Hotfixes product specifications, following the development of joyn Blackbird/joyn Crane; is interoperable with multiple servers and operators; and is compatible with main RCS clients.
Rich Communication
joyn Hotfixes & Blackbird
joyn Crane to be
China Mobile Converged
Communication Standard
Juphoon RCS architecture diagram
Converged Communication Native Solution
Designed for device manufactures, it helps mobile phone manufacturers/chip manufacturers rapidly release native cell phone/chip solutions conforming to China Mobile Converged Communication Standards.
RCS SDK Solution
It is designed for operators, device manufacturers and industry users. Juphoon provides RCS SDK and technical support, helping the application development based on RCS standards.
RCS APP Solution
Juphoon provides RCS white label client, which conforms to GSMA joyn user experience standards and China Mobile Converged Communication terminal UI design standards. It helps the customers to have their own brand RCS client.
RCS Converged Communication Functions
Automatic configuration
The customers get client URI in IMS core network as well as other information through automatic configuration mechanism. It simplifies the user operation and enhances RCS service experience.
Presence status
The solution provides the user’s personal presence status to his/her buddies, such as icon, state, Geo-location information, and the capability of discovery information.
1-1 message
1-1 chat (Large Mode, Page Mode, Session Mode) and group chat functions are based on OMA SIMPLE IM and CPM. We support delivery state notification, “typing” notification, offline message and storage & forward.
File transfer
Users are able to start file transfer in current session interface, which can also be started directly from contacts details.
Geo-location service
We support pushing Geo-location information through “Geolocation PUSH” function, and getting RCS Geo-location information of the listed users through “Geo-location PULL”.
Content sharing
The solution provides the capability to share videos and images in real-time. It can be done during a call.
China Mobile Converged Communication Features
Personal information management
It shows standalone personal information, settings and modification interface, including basic information (user’s name, cell phone number, icon) and detailed information (birthday, contact information, company information etc).
Subscription account
It is designed for individual and enterprise users. The user can communicate with followed users from the public account through text messages, images, audio, video, location, emoji, and any combination of text and graphics.
Self destroyed Message
With this feature, the user can delete the message after read. The self destroyed message cannot be saved nor forwarded.
Multimedia Management
IP based voice call
It supports VoLTE/VoHSPA as defined in [PRD-IR.92] and [PRD-IR.58]. Codecs like G.711, G.722, G.729, AMR- NB/WB, Opus, iLBC are supported.
IP based video call
Based on [PRD-IR.94], it provides premium IP Video Call between two RCS devices with synchronization between the audio and video streams. Codecs like H.264, VP8, H.263 are supported.
Our RCS Solution
Software Development Kit (SDK), it includes source code and library.
Converged Communication Native Solution, it includes mobile modification for native application, architecture diagram of Native Solution, and Converged Communication based SDK.
Supported OS: PC (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad).
Innovative solutions based on the RCS framework, for consumer and business market segments;
Our Values and Benefits
A professional solution that conforms to GSMA RCS 5.1 and China Mobile Next Generation Converged Communication standards.
A well tested solution that is Inter-operable with network operators such as Telefonica, China Mobile, Deutsch Telecom, MetroPCS; compatible with IMS core network including Mavenir, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, NSN, ZTE, Colibria, and Interop.
A one stop solution that embeds with a high-quality and platform-independent media engine, RCS client and excellent UX design.
A solution with strong and experienced local (including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) technical services, without any language barriers.
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