Mobile VoIP SDK
VoIP SDK ,SIP Phone/Softphone SDK for PC and Mobile device
With rapid development of mobile network and handheld devices, OTT (over-the-top) communication apps like Skype, Viber and FaceTime become popular worldwide. According to Juniper prediction, there will be 1 billion people use voice and video call service through Apps and mobile devices by 2017. The overwhelming trend is that either SIP based mobile VoIP network phone or mobile IP phone is going to replace traditional telephone.
Provide VoIP SDK, VoIP customized client and VoIP system solution for enterprise users, operators and OTT services providers
VoIP software framework
VoIP system solution
We provide a full set of VoIP system, including standard VoIP client (protocol stack, multimedia engine, GUI mode) and server (registration server, application server, media server, database, administrator), helping enterprises to deploy VoIP services rapidly.
VoIP SDK solution
We provide VoIP SDK (VoIP, SIP Phone/Softphone SDK), full technical development document, training and technical support, to enterprises for developing VoIP application or integrating VoIP to the application of enterprise or the third party.
VoIP customized user solution
We provide VoIP white label client based on JusTex and JusTalk, helping enterprises to deploy their own VoIP application rapidly.
Enhance video call quality and improve user experience
Juphoon mobile VoIP solution is designed for optimizing video conversation in complex network environment. We use advanced technologies like desert control, codec stream saving, asymmetrical negotiation, and cloud management, ensuring smooth and clear video call even under unstable network.
Smooth and clear experience
Ensure clear and smooth voice and video call effect even under a lossy network.
Make full use of device performance
Test, adjust and fine tune the devices automatically to ensure clearer and smoother video call.
Save traffic up to 90%
Self-developed bandwidth saving technology for optimizing video codec like H.264 and VP8 and, helping user to save traffic of 30%~90%.
Intelligent night vision
Self-developed technology of intelligent exposure and image enhancement for better video effect in dim environment, making image brighter and clearer.
Less energy consumption and more power saving
Unified interfaces for different operation system platform integrating network transmission interfaces for power saving.
Packet loss prevention
Technologies of FIR, FEC, NACK, and reliable reference frame RPSI for better video effect under packet loss and packet corruption.
Strong compatibility and interoperability
Compatible with major network operation systems and mobile devices.
Our solution works under different platforms like Windows(XP, 7, 8), Android(2.3-4.2), iOS(5, 6), and Linux. It supports various flavors of Android mobile phones and tablets, Apple iPhone and iPad, and Windows PC.
Compatible with major network operation systems and network devices.
Our solution is compatible and interoperable with most IP phones and VoIP terminals (PC, smartphone, tablet and IPTV).
Compliance with international standards and with strong interoperability.
Our solution complies with the relevant standards of IP-PBX, Conference, IMS (MMTel), softswitch, IP Phone. It has been interoperable with more than ten core systems such as Ericsson, Huawei, Alcatel-Lucent, NSN, ZTE, Cisco and major commercially available servers of IP-PBX, IMS, Softswitch, IP server and SBC.
Function features
Voice call
Video call
Voice conference
Video conference
Buddy finding
Automatical configuration
iOS & Android Push
Call quality statistics and diagnosis
Mluti-path transmission
Multimedia device management
Firewall penetration
Security encryption
WiFi/4G/3G/2.5G network switch
Our VolP Solution
VoIP system: We provide full set of VoIP system, including standard client and server.
VoIP SDK: We provide VoIP SDK, full technical documentation, training and technical support.
VoIP client: We provide white label client based on JusTalk and JusTex.
We support different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
We provide functions including HD voice call, HD video call, multi-party conference, and other telephony services.
Our Values and Benefits
Our mobile VoIP solution is based on standard SIP protocol and conforms to 3GPP MMETel standards.
Designed for mobile network, our solution uses advanced technologies like desert control, codec stream saving, asymmetrical negotiation, and cloud management, ensuring smooth and clear call experience.
With our a thousand man-year communication technology experience, we help the customers to develop VoIP solution and expand communication services, like multi-party conference, Instant Message, faster and easier.
We provide professional and handy local technical service (mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong), without any language and culture barriers.
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